Wholesale Recurve Bow Riser for right/left Hand 25 Inches Aluminum alloy 6061-T6 Wooden Handle riser for Outdoor Archery Shooting



Net weight: 2.54Lbs Bow Length: 68" Bow length: 25" The handle material: aluminum alloy 6061-T6 same color wooden handle Color: Black, Blue, Lake Blue, Orange, Gun Smoke, Red,Ghost ,Tactical .   Features: CNC machining,ILF device     Introduction: Bow length: Riser and limb fitting
In order to properly assemble the limbs with the riser, you will need to push the lLFdetent part from the limb into the appropriately sized slot on the riser untilyou hear a click.   Brace height Brace height is the horizontal distance between the grip and the bowstring Changingthe brace height does not affect the drawweight but can significantly affect bow perfor-mance. A higher brace height will decrease velocity while a lower brace height will increasevelocity.   Tiller and draw weight adjustability To adjust the tller and bowweight, you first need to loosen the weightiller lockingbolt with the Allen key (photo 1). Use the Allen key to turn the weightiller adjustment boltclockwise to increase bow weight and counter clockwise to decrease bow weight(photo 2). When the correct poundage is set, tighten the locking bolt located at back of theriser (photol). It is best to adjust tller and weight while the bow is unstrung. When adjusting the tller and bowweight, do not exceed the recommended turns outfrom the maximum position (photo3). Maximum opening: 4 complete turns starting from closed position (photo 4).   Limb / riser alignment Before adjusting the alignment of the riser, first check the center string position towardsthe riser. You can adjust the centershot without unstringing your bow. 1. Unscrew both locking screws (photo 5) 2. To adjust limb position to the left, loosen the inner left side bolt (photo 6) and tightenthe right sided one till the limb is centered. 3. Once the limb is centered, retighten the left side bolt (photo 6)4. Fasten both locking screws (photo 5)   Package included: 1 x Bow Riser     Explanation: Right hand bow:  Left hand holding bow, right hand pull string. Left hand bow:  Right hand holding bow, left hand pull string.   Tips : Only Riser , No Bow. Unison_06 Unison_08Unison_03Unison_05Unison_07Unison_09Unison_10Unison_11 Unison_02Unison_06