Wholesale Professional Astronomical Telescope 100000m 500x Night Zoom Night Vision Telescope for Moon Space Planet Observation Stars

Professional Astronomical Telescope Wide Angle Powerful Zoom Night Vision Celestron Telescope for Moon Space Planet Observation

Type:Professional Astronomical Telescope
Optical system: refraction
Caliber: 80mm
Focal length: 900mm
Barrow lens: 3x
Finder: 5x24
Zenith Mirror: 1.25 inches erect zenith mirror
Base: German equatorial mount
Tripod: reinforced stainless steel tripod
CD ROM: The Sky X Planetary Software
Limit magnitude: 12
Resolution (Rayleigh): 1.74 arcsec
Resolution (Du Shi): 1.45 arc seconds
Photographic resolution: 162 lines/mm
Gathering power: 131x
Field of view: 1.2°
Linear field of view: 18.59m
Optical coating: multi-layer coating
Length of main tube: 965.2mm
Eyepiece/Magnification 1: 4mm/225x/675x
Eyepiece/Magnification 2: 20mm/45x/135x